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Kinect for Media Center

Does 'Kinect for Media Center' work with the 'Kinect for Xbox 360' sensor?  Do I have to use the 'Kinect for Windows' sensor?
Per the Microsoft 'Kinect for Windows' End User License Agreement [EULA], the software is licensed for use only with the 'Kinect for Windows' sensor.  The software may not be used with a 'Kinect for Xbox 360' sensor.

The software will not run on the 'Kinect for Xbox 360' sensor.  This is not supported by the EULA and I will not be able to provide support for this scenario.

For more information, see the full Kinect for Windows EULA.

Does 'Kinect for Media Center' work with Extenders like the Xbox 360 or Linksys DMA2100/2200?
No.  Due of the way Extenders for Windows Media Center are implemented, the 'Kinect for Media Center' application cannot access the USB ports on the Extender devices.  Because of this, 'Kinect for Media Center' is not compatible with Extenders, only WIndows Media Center computers.

What is the difference between the 'Kinect for Windows' and 'Kinect for Xbox 360' sensor?
'Kinect for Xbox 360' was built for and tested with the Xbox 360 only, not with any other platform, which is why it is not licensed for general commercial use, supported, or under warranty when used commercially on any other platform.

For more information, see the Kinect for Windows FAQ.

Where can I purchase the 'Kinect for Windows' sensor?
Microsoft offers several options for purchasing 'Kinect for Windows' sensors and accessories.  You can purchase directly from an online store.

For more information, see the Kinect for Windows FAQ.

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Terms and Conditions
The Media Center Remote Command Listener, Media Center Remote for Windows 8 UI, Media Center Remote for Windows Phone 7, Kinect for Media Center, and Natural User Interaction Service software are the intellectual property of Brad Mauk.  Use of this software outside of these applications is not permitted without the consent of the developer.  Please contact me if you are a developer interested in contributing to the projects or if you are interested in using this software outside of these projects.

Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Media Center, Xbox 360, and Kinect are all property of Microsoft.  Brad Mauk nor any of the projects listed on this site, are affiliated with Microsoft.

Technical Support and Suggestions
Please email me at for technical support, recommendations, and suggestions.  I will do my best to answer everyone promptly.